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O’Brien Counseling Services, Inc. offers a sex offender treatment
program which revolves around the central treatment goal of
decreasing victimization.  Philosophically, O’Brien Counseling
Services, Inc. views sex offenders as having a behavioral disorder -
one which they can learn to control, but not cure.  The
development of internal management, or self-control, is an
underlying theme in all of the work conducted with the sex
offender.  However, internal management is often not enough to
ensure that the sex offender benefits from treatment.  Therefore, a
level of external management is also necessary.  To that end,
working with the Community Supervision and Corrections staff,
as well as others involved in the offender’s life who can affirm or
deny the reports given of responsible and/or irresponsible
behaviors, is strongly emphasized.
The treatment interventions that O’Brien Counseling Services, Inc.
uses are based on cognitive-behavioral, reality-oriented theories.  
Learning adaptive pro-social coping skills, geared toward breaking
their offending patterns, is further stressed as part of the
therapeutic process.
11767 Katy Frwy, Ste 970
Houston, Texas 77079

(281) 679-0929 office
(281) 679-0928 fax
About Our Counselors

All senior counselors providing sex offender treatment are
Master’s level clinicians.  Each is independently licensed with the
State of Texas and is a Licensed Sex Offender Treatment
Provider (LSOTP).  Judy O’Brien, Henry John, Alonzo Mable,
and Norma Gamez-Paquin all have experience in treating sex offenders,
both in prison and the community settings. The majority of our therapist
have over 30 years experience.
All intern level counselors are Master’s level clinicians and are
working toward becoming independently licensed with the State
of Texas as an LSOTP.  Because OBCS, Inc. staff takes this
program very seriously; potential interns are personally selected
and trained.

Our office is located in the West Houston area.  When going west on I-10
(Katy Freeway), exit at Dairy Ashford Road.  U-turn under the freeway,
go back east, and stay on the feeder road.  Our office is between Dairy
Ashford and Kirkwood in the Kirkwood Atrium II building.
Garage parking is available at the rear of the building.  Elevators are
located in the center of the building.

You will be required to sign in and out at the security desk after 5 p.m. and on weekends.
O'Brien Counseling Services, Inc.
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